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At Celebrity Obsession, YOU are the celebrity!

There's nothing like treating yourself to a bit of pampering and we do it so well!
Have a glass of your favourite tipple while our professional makeup artist and hair stylist transforms you into a Pinup Babe.

Get a lesson in posing from our photographer (he knows which ones will have you looking fabulous for your photos).

We'll create the perfect scene for your ideal 'look', whether it be a bit of cheesecake, a glamorous starlet, the beach babe, sexy siren, tomboy or innocent beauty. Any scenario you can think of, we'll be able to create. Let your imagination go wild!

Then 'you're on'! All that preparation has led you to this moment and now you get to be your alter ego...go on, have some fun!

The music is playing the shutter clicks and the lights pop as your portfolio of images is're a star!

A couple of changes of outfit, a makeup touchup and a bit of hair adjustment and away we go again, a new version of you each time!

We'll show you unedited pics from your session before you go, so you won't have to wait to see how fabulous you looked.

Go on, book a session NOW to experience the most fun you can treat yourself to!

Check out some of our work here...this could be you!

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